​How will this yarn work up?​

The answer to this really depends on your project, and which yarn you've chosen.  Speckled yarn typically has small pops of color showing up randomly throughout the project.  Kettle dyed yarns with marbled colors, or colors with small patches will work up similarly random and patchy.  Kettle dyes or dip dyes with longer color repeats, or big patches of color tend to stripe and swirl when knit in the round, and pool and flash when knit back and forth.  My favorite way to use yarns with big color patches is in patterns with increasing or decreasing row length.  This creates a less predictable pooling pattern.  



Pre-made items will be shipped within 3 days of your order.  Dyed to order options will ship within 1-2 weeks unless otherwise stated.  


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Returns & Refunds

If you have any issues at all with yarn purchased from me, please contact me at lazersheepyarns@gmail.com and I will do my very best to help.  Please do be aware that the nature of hand dyed yarn is that it is an art, not a science, and therefore colors from skein to skein, and lot to lot are likely to have at least small differences.  Also, differences in computer screens may show the color as slightly different than in the physical skein.  I do my best to take photographs that are true to color, but please be aware that your physical skein may have some slight differences.  



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